21 September 2012

A very long overdue update!

Although I’ve not written anything on here for quite some time, lots of people keep commenting and reading the blog (23,000 page views, according to the stats... Incredible stuff!) so I thought it was about time I wrote an update.

Surgery was more than 2.5 years ago (where does the time go?!) and I’m so happy with the outcome. In the past 12-18 months I’ve started to get back into sport, and, as of last week, have returned to playing tennis… a sport I used to love before having hip problems, and one I thought I’d never be able to do again.

Is my hip perfect? No. It gets stiff, it can ache from time to time, and I’m constantly mindful of things that could upset it. Am I happy with how things have turned out? Absolutely. For so long it felt like this problem would never be resolved and that I’d have to live with a life-restricting problem, but I don’t any longer. I genuinely don’t mind that it aches or gets stiff, because I’m able to lead a normal and active life. Sure, if my friends invite me on 20-mile walk across the moor, I might think twice about it, and I certainly can’t dive around the tennis court like I used to, but I’m mobile, active and happy. Compared to how things were, what more could I ask for?

I’ve had my ups and downs. That pesky pain in my glute/piriformis bothered me now and again, but that hasn’t happened for some time now. Also, I’d done a couple of very short jogs (maybe 1.5km at most) without any problems, but I went for a longer one in Brighton one weekend earlier this year… about 5km. My hip held up fine but my IT Band on both sides just above the knee was excruciating and I couldn’t walk for a day or two afterwards. It was agony. I guess that’s through lack of use in this way, but I’m sure that’ll improve in time. I never much liked running anyway :)

Anyway, as far as I’m concerned it’s a happy ending. Many thanks to those who’ve read and commented over the past few years… according to the stats, the blog has had over 23,000 page views! Incredible stuff. I do hope it’s been useful to some and not just a place for me to offload. I also hope each of you is on the road to recovery and/or looking forward to when your problems will be rectified, at least so you’re able to lead a normal life again.

All the best,

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